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End Of Tenancy – Should You Hire Vacate Cleaning Perth Services?

Vacate Cleaning PerthReady to move to your new home? Transferring to a new home is indeed an exciting experience. However, before you leave your old abode behind, you need to make sure that the place is clean and in good condition. It is only prudent that you take care of your old home as it also took care of you while you are still living there. Vacate cleaning Perth services can help with your breezy transition. Here’s how they can help you with your end of lease cleaning.


Time is essential especially when you are moving. There are so many things to attend to and errands to take care of. You have no time to clean your old home. You can always trust end of lease cleaners in Perth to help you. They can turn a disorderly house to an organized home.

house vacate cleaning perth


Since vacate cleaning Perth cleaners are skilled and highly trained, they understand the do’s and don’ts of cleaning. They do more than just sweep the floor and vacuum the carpet, they also use only the best cleaning solutions available.


Professional cleaners understand that during the end of tenancy, there is a deadline that you need to follow. Vacate cleaners will make sure that they will meet the deadline without compromising the cleaning.

house vacate cleaning perth

Convenience, effectiveness and professionalism are just three of the reasons you should hire vacate cleaning Perth services. You will not go wrong when you hire professional cleaners to take care of your old home. They will make sure that everything is spotless when you hand over the keys to the next tenant.

Perth City Cleaners is one of the best vacate cleaners in the area. If  you’re interested in what we offer, pick up the phone and call us now. We provide high standard end of lease or exit cleaning.

How Office Cleaning Perth Can Help Your Business Succeed

office cleaning perthHiring office cleaning Perth services provides a number of benefits to business owners looking to save hours of cleaning, maximize efficiency and reduce cost. If you are a business owner and you are thinking of hiring an office cleaning Perth services, here are some of the things that you need to know about before hiring one.

Customize Cleaning Schedule

Commercial cleaners can work to the time specified by the office owners. They can work even after office hours. Hence, no one can be disturbed by the constant vacuuming of the carpet or the unavailability of the comfort rooms because of the cleaning. Office owners can also choose what type of cleaning schedule they need. They can opt for daily, weekly or monthly clean.

Specialized Services

Aside from the dusting or wall washing, commercial cleaners also offer window-cleaning services. Usually this type of cleaning is done fortnightly or monthly. This service involves assigning a trained staff to clean the office windows and panes.

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Carpet cleaning is another specialized service that office cleaners offer. It service includes the use of top-notch carpet cleaner machines to leave the carpet sanitary and spotless. Most companies opt for daily carpet vacuuming or shampooing. Deep cleaning can be done once a month. Stain removal is also carried out on carpets to eliminate any form of tint or blemish that may be on the carpet.

Part of office cleaning Perth services is upholstery cleaning. After some time, the seats used in the office gather dust and dirt thus leaving bad stains on. Regular maintenance of the upholstery ensures that all fixtures in the office are taken care of.

Creating measures around the office to help promote a cleaner and germ free working environment can benefit a company in many ways. Office cleaning services can manage different types of commercial cleaning needs. They can help a company improve workers morale and productivity and also give positive impressions to clients.

How To Clean Silver Cutlery

Housekeeping in PerthWhat kind of cutleries do you use at home? Do you use silver? Many people collect silver utensils since they are really attractive and durable. To maintain the shine of your precious collections, Perth City Cleaners will show you how to clean silver cutlery properly. These tips may take a little of effort but can bring great rewards.

Use Warm Water

One of the best ways to reduce corrosion of silver cutlery is to rinse it immediately after use with warm water. You can use an ordinary washing liquid soap. Just avoid using NON-lemon based detergent, as it can spot the silver. Washing can get rid of any chemicals that could interact with the silver and discolor it. In a cutlery set, forks are prone to become more tainted than other pieces as they usually come into contact most with foods.

Hand Washing or Using The Dish Washer?

Although silver cutlery can be cleaned in a dishwasher, hand-washing is better. If a dishwasher must be used, make sure that the silver pieces are separated from each other to reduce damage. Moreover, the silver must be separated from stainless steel. A chemical reaction between the two could cause silver to change color. Once the cycle in the dishwasher is complete, remove the silver utensils and dry it thoroughly.

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Aluminum Foil And Baking Soda

Another easy way to clean silver silverware is using the aluminum foil and baking soda trick. All you need to do is get a container big enough to put all your silver cutleries. Partially fill the container with warm water and a few tablespoons of baking soda. Add the aluminum foil. Let the foil and silver soak for a couple of minutes. Then, rinse and dry the silver. Pour the "used" solution down the drain. This method is quick and will not leave your silver with scratches and dents.

Use Toothpaste

Toothpaste can clean not just the plaque on teeth but also the tarnish on your silver cutleries. First thing you need to do is to apply a small amount of toothpaste to your silver collection. Add a bit of water to your brush and start brushing. Make sure that you cover all those engravings and minute details, which can be tough to reach. When you are done, rinse the silver with water. Make sure that there is no toothpaste left, double check if there’s still any clinging into the engravings. Pat dry.

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Cleaning and maintaining the shine on silver is not a difficult job, but certainly one worth taking seriously. Hope these tips help you in keeping your silver clean and sparkly!

Do You Really Need To Hire Commercial Cleaning Services Perth Based?

Office Cleaners in PerthJuggling work commitments and cleaning can be very challenging especially if you’re the head of the company or if you are working full time and you have family to go home to after work. It's for this reason that many professionals are now turning to the help of commercial cleaning services in Perth to make sure that their offices are clean and well kept all the time. If you haven’t decided yet, whether to hire an expert cleaner, here’s why you should consider hiring professional help now.

A Clean Office Gives Good First Impressions To Clients

In this competitive world, you need to make sure that you run a clean and professional looking office. The desks should be organized, pens and papers are orderly and filed, the bathrooms sanitized and the waiting areas should be inviting and free from dust and mold. You want to leave a good first impression to visitors. You can do so by hiring a professional cleaning service that can maintain a clean office environment.

Commercial Cleaners in Perth

A Clean Office Can Reduce Sick Leaves

If you want your employees to be productive and happy, make sure that their work area smells good and sparkly clean. You can reduce the number of people requesting for sick leaves just by maintaining an office that is free of harmful germs and bacteria. Hiring professional commercial cleaners in Perth can help you make this possible because they understand the importance of sanitizing the premises after cleaning.

Commercial Cleaning Services Are Professionals

Another main advantages of using this form of service is that the cleaners can complete all the tasks in a thorough and professional manner. They use the most innovative cleaning equipment necessary to make your place sparkle. For example, it is somewhat impossible for a regular individual without any cleaning background to clean out the air duct systems; it requires skills, expertise and the knowledge of the latest cleaning equipment. A professional commercial cleaning service will surely have the expertise and equipment required to clean and maintain your air duct and HVAC systems. They know how o eliminate mold from your environment which can be harmful to you and your employees health.

Give You Peace Of Mind

Cleaning should be in the least of your worries especially if you are running a very competitive business. Contracting out cleaning work gives you the peace of mind that your office are well kept and that people will enter your premises happy and satisfied with how your office looks and feels like. Moreover, having a routine cleaning service come in and take care of the work gives your hardworking employees more time in their day to do work and a cleaner environment in which they can be more productive.

Hiring professional office cleaners is a brilliant solution for keeping your work area clean at all times without the hassle of cleaning it yourself. Listed above are just some of the benefits of hiring experts to clean your office. Hope these will change your perspective and trust professionals like Perth City Cleaners to handle the job for you.

Ready To Move Out? Here’s Easy To Follow Moving Out Of Home Checklist

Moving Cleaning in PerthPeople relocate for many reasons. Some move for new career opportunities, others move for a new home or lifestyle. True enough, moving out is not always easy, taking advantage of a moving out of home checklist can keep those particulars in order and in check. Aside from packing your clothes and other valuables, you will find that there are other things you need to cover to make sure that you did not leave anything uncovered. Here’s a simple checklist from Perth City Cleaners to help you organize and make your move stress-free and less distressing.

Organize And Pack

You don’t have to bring with you everything you have in your old place to your new home. Dispose some of your old stuff and those that you can buy things easily. This will definitely cut cost in transfer and make your load a whole lot lighter.

When it comes to packing, you can choose to do it yourself or hire someone to help you. Doing the packing yourself can save you money, however if the time is ticking and you lack the time to pack, you can always hire professionals.

End of Tenancy Cleaning

Before the big day, you need to make sure that your old place has been thoroughly cleaned especially if you want to get your bond back. There are many tenancy cleaners who offer services such as steam cleaning carpets and upholstery cleaning. If you’re worried about a terrible stain on your carpet, this is something to be professionally done. Professional cleaners use a highly specialized equipment that can penetrate the stain attached deep down into the carpet fibers. Moreover, end of tenancy cleaners also provide deep cleaning of fixtures, sanitizing walls and washing of walls and windows.

Bond Cleaning in Perth

Hire A Moving Company For Transportation

You should also hire the services of a moving company to arrange for your transportation, especially in the relocating all your properties, like furniture, appliances and equipment, to the new location. Make sure that the company you hire is an accredited and licensed moving firm to make sure no damages and losses are incurred during the transfer. You can ask for referrals from family or friends.

End of Lease Cleaning in Perth

Planning things can be a real lifesaver. You don’t want to miss anything during your moving out day. Be smart and use a moving out checklist as it will save you time and effort on your big day.

How To Clean Glass Windows

Window Cleaning in PerthGlass window cleaning can be a tough chore. It's tedious and very seldom, homeowners complete the task effectively and with little difficulty.

No matter how challenging or tedious glass windows cleaning can be, if you want your windows to look great and streak free, you will need to ensure that they are cleaned regularly. To help you get started, Perth City Cleaners have great tips on how to clean glass windows:

Pick The Time Of Day To Clean Your Windows

Did you know that there is a right time to cleaning windows? Experts believe that the best time to get your windows cleaned is on a cloudy day. It is not advisable to clean when the sun is up as direct sunlight tends to dry the cleaning solution faster and you’ll be left with lots of streaks.

Prepare Your Tools

According to Brisbane City Cleaners, the secret to getting clean and dust-free glass windows is having the right tools and window cleaning equipment. Your option can range from store bought to homemade solutions. Many homemakers use natural cleaning products like vinegar, borax, alcohol or Epsom salts because they are economical and equally effective. . Here are some of the best cleaning solutions you can use for cleaning your glass windows:
· One cup of alcohol, mixed with a cup full of water and a tablespoon of vinegar.
· One cup water mixed with one cup alcohol, and 1 tablespoon ammonia
· Vinegar and water (in equal parts)

Perth Window Cleaners

To wipe the interior and exterior windows, you can use a squeegee, a lint free cloth and a glass wiper.

Procedure For Cleaning Glass Windows

- Use a regular sprayer to mix your cleaning solution. Use it to clean to the surface of the window.
- If you notice that the window surface has more dirt, you can use a soft cloth moistened with the cleaning mixture to scrub the glass. Clean the area using an up and down motion.
- Get the squeegee and use a long motion to wipe the mixture away.
- Use a lint free cloth to wipe the squeegee. Repeat as necessary. You can also use a lint free cloth to get rid of any remaining cleaner from the window edges.

Cleaning Windows In Perth

Final tip is to avoid using products with soap when cleaning windows because it tends to leave a residue on glass.

Hope that these tips help you in getting your windows clean and dust-free.

Move In Cleaning Tips – Start Your Life Happy And Stress Free

Cleaning Windows In PerthExcited to move into your new home? Sure you are. But, before you move in all your belongings in your new home, you should give the house a deep cleaning. If not, you will have unwanted dust and debris from the previous owners welcome you on your big day. To help you get started, Perth City Cleaners suggested these tips to help you with your move in cleaning:

Give The Kitchen Some TLC

One of the most important parts of the house is the kitchen. You can start here. Make sure that the floors are mopped and scrubbed. The kitchen cabinets should be wiped and dusted. Don’t forget the kitchen appliances. They should be working and properly cleaned. You can use baking soda, vinegar or soap to clean the appliances. Be careful and avoid scratching your appliances. Use an oven cleaner or lemons to clean the inside of the oven. For the hood, you can use a small dab of grease remover.
domestic cleaning in Perth

Deep Clean The Bathroom

Don’t postpone cleaning your new bathroom. To make sure that you and your family are safe to use the bathroom in your new home, give it some deep cleaning. For the bathroom sink, you could use a chlorine free bleach to clean them. If you don’t want to use bleach, you can use vinegar and baking soda. They are natural and very effective cleansers. Go through the plugs and rinse the sink properly to remove all traces of dirt.

For the toilet, you can squirt your favourite toilet cleaner on the inside of the rim of the bowl. Allow the cleaner to drip down to the sides of the bowl and into the water. Make sure that the cleaner also gets to the inside of the bowl's rim - you shouldn’t ignore this area because it can cause mineral deposits to buildup in the area.

residential cleaners in Perth
Make Your Bedroom Sleep-Friendly

The bedroom is a special space at home where you can relax and sleep. But, who can sleep properly when there are cobwebs in the ceiling or when the bed smells funky. That is the reason you need to deep clean your bedroom so that on your first night, you will not think of anything but relax and rest. To clean your bedroom, make sure that the floors are mopped and the carpets are vacuumed. The ceiling and the walls should be properly cleaned. The cabinets should also be thoroughly cleaned. Change the bed sheets and linens. Don’t forget to change the curtains as well.

professional housekeepers in Perth

Moving in can be tiring and stressful. But, it can also be a fun and happy experience. Follow these tips so that when your big day finally arrives, you don’t have to worry much about cleaning. Remember that even if the previous owners have cleaned up before they moved out, you still have to clean and disinfect the area. That is for yours and your family’s protection.

4 Non- Toxic Homemade Cleaning Products That Surprisingly Work

Perth Window CleanersThese days there are plenty of environmental activists that are coming forward to spread awareness about using environment friendly products to save the planet. If you think that you are a nobody and you can do nothing to be part of this movement, you are mistaken. There is something that you can do to help bring back the balance and save the environment. One is to live green.

Green living is making wise decisions and using homemade cleaning products which are non-toxic and don't pollute the air and water. To know more about these natural cleaning products, Perth City Cleaners have listed some of the most versatile cleaners available that you should keep at home:

Furniture Polisher

Here’s an excellent polisher for your intricate furniture. You can mix in a spray bottle a cup full of olive oil and a half full of lemon juice. Shake well and apply a small amount to a flannel cleaning cloth. Wipe over furniture surface evenly. Turn cloth to the other side to polish dry.

Cleaning Windows In Perth

Glass Cleaner

This recipe works well for windows and mirrors. Mix two cups of water with a half cup full of white or apple cider vinegar. Add 1/4 cup of rubbing alcohol, choose a product that reads 70% concentration. To make the homemade cleaning product that aromatic feel, you can add 1 to 2 drops of orange essential oil. Spray the solution on a clean paper towel or soft cloth. Then wipe the glass or mirror. Just a piece of advice, never clean your windows on a hot, sunny day to avoid streaks.

Natural Cleaning Product

All-Purpose Cleaner

This recipe is so easy to do. All you need is 4 tablespoon of baking soda and a quart of warm water. Mix these two ingredients and pour the solution in a cloth and wipe the area you want to clean. You can use this excellent cleaner for Kitchen tops, appliances, and inside the refrigerator.

Grime Remover

For hard to remove grime on your sink and tub, make a paste of baking soda and water, apply to the area. Don't rinse yet, let it stand for 10–20 minutes. You’ll notice that the deposits have softened and the grime can now be easily removed.

Everyone needs to take strong actions to prevent and reduce the planet’s destruction. By using these natural homemade cleaning products you are already making a big difference. You can also inspire people to follow your steps. Be one of those people who put the environment and its protection on the front end over anything else.

How To Clean Carpet – 4 Tips to Keep Your Carpet Looking Great

Carpet Cleaning in PerthLooking for a complete carpet care? Cleaning your carpet is easier said than done. However, if you have the right vacuum, cleaning products, and a little know-how, you can clean your carpet and give it the pamper it deserves. Perth City Cleaners suggested a few tips on how to clean carpet the right way:

Treat Stains Right Away

Always treat the affected area immediately. The longer the spill sits there, the harder it’ll be to remove the stain. Carefully remove as much solid material as you can with a tablespoon or bread knife. You can also a add a bit of water and blot at the area. Then, set the vacuum using the highest suction function. Clean the carpet back and forth, add more water if needed.

For hard to remove stain, moisten the affected area with 3% hydrogen peroxide. Don’t rinse it yet, wait for one hour before blotting the area. Repeat as necessary.

Bond Cleaning in Perth

Vacuum Your Carpet Regularly

To prevent soil from going deeper into the pile, you need to vacuum your carpet regularly. Use vacuum that works best for your carpet type. For heavy traffic areas like your kitchen or living areas, you might want to hire a professional cleaner to maintain the cleanliness and safety of your precious carpet.

Move Things Around Occasionally

Consider wear and tear. If you have carpet at home, you need to arrange your furniture occasionally as some areas becomes more trodden on than others. Also, when you move your furniture around, you can clean the carpet underneath your lovely fixtures. Moreover, use coasters intended for use with carpet under the legs of tables,chairs, and other furniture to help with weight distribution and prevent crushing of the pile. Avoid using chairs or appliances with rollers or casters on carpet without a chair pad designed for carpet. Continued use without a chair pad can cause carpet damage.

Carpet Cleaners in Perth

Other Ways To Prevent Carpet Damage

Use walk-off mats at all door to absorb dirt and moisture. Make sure that the mats are cleaned regularly so they don't become sources of soil themselves. Furthermore, protect your carpet from prolonged periods of direct sunlight with blinds or window shades.

These are just some of the best ways to care for your carpet. Proper carpet maintenance is necessary to prolonging the beauty and life of your rug.